Warehousing real estate offer in Moscow region

11 апреля 2014
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Moscow and Moscow region real estate market supplied over 330 thousand square meters of warehousing faculties, thus doubling the same figures from 2013. New facilities on the market include first-stage projects of manufacturing-warehousing complex next to Britovo village (Ramen district of Moscow region), constructed by "Modern Logistics Technologies" company; and a couple of buildings on a logistics park "TLK Tomilino" territory next to New Ryazan highway, constructed by "GHP Group" and "Tomilino Development".

In addition, 1.3 million square meters of warehousing facilities are to be constructed by the end of 2014. These facilities will mostly include logistics parks and complexes, such as "PNK- Northern Sheremetievo", "Sophiino Technopark", "Southern Gates". Typically, such properties occupy at least 440 thousand square meters of specialized warehousing facilities.

Following the trends of the previous years, total volume of properties placed into operation (201 thousand square meters) is already occupied by the clients. That is, approximately 60% of the facilities are built-to suit properties. As a result, vacant facilities comprise only 40% of the offer (130 thousand square meters).

Global political events have affected real estate lease rates. Price gauging on ruble exchange rate caused the downfall of lease rates in several properties (went 10-15$ down, which is approximately 7-9%). Average lease rates in Moscow region are 130-135$ per square meter a year.

Experts believe that by solving current political problems and stabilizing ruble exchange rate, the tendencies that were previously predicted will become relevant again. The major influencing factor is the downfall of oil prices, which is directly related to geopolitical problems and their solution.

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