The technopolis Himgrad got a rank of the best industrial real estate object

27 августа 2014
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The technopolis Himgrad, founded in 2013, became the innovative construction leader in the category "Industrial Real Estate".

The chairman of the Himgrad board of directors Albert Karimov, received the certificate of the winner and a special prize –A golden brick. This award symbolizes "a golden contribution" to real estate construction on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Nominating was carried out in several directions:

  • in a segment of office real estate;
  • in a segment of retail real estate;
  • in a segment of mixed-use complexes;
  • in a segment of hotel real estate;
  • in a segment of the best developer activity;
  • in a segment of the best "architectural dish";
  • in a segment of the best engineering company.

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