Boris Dubrovsky visited an opening of a logistics park in Kopeysk

15 апреля 2014
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The logistics property meets modern logistics requirements and high demand from entrepreneurs, conducting business activities.
During the presentation, Chelyabinsk governor explored the logistics complex warehouse and the functionality of dock-leveler. Warehousing equipment, as well as equipment automating work operations in the warehouse, has also been presented.

Boris Dubrovsky believes that the manufacture in Kopeysk is an example of proper work management and exploitation of the region's advantages. Within the context of "Strategies-2020" program, the governor noted that geographical location is the primary competitive advantage of the region, which is why it would be beneficial to make use of it for the overall economic development of the region.

The logistics center will distribute consumer goods to Chelyabinsk region retail stores. The center will have a capability of loading up to 30 freight trucks.

The complex is characterized by a convenient location. It has solid road and transport infrastructure that allows moving in every direction, as the complex is situated next to ring highway and "Trotsky tract" highway. Approximately 2 billion rubles have been invested into the project.

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