Infrastructural development of Kaluga region industrial parks will be funded

02 апреля 2014
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Four industrial parks (Vorsino, Kaluga-Yug, Rosva, Grabcevo) successfully operate in the region. Also, it has a private Finnish industrial park "Lemminkyayen" that produces construction materials. Last year, a project of a manufacturing special economic zone "Ludinovo" has started. In addition, there are about 10 lower-scale projects for industrial park construction.

FreightVillageKaluga, a totally unique logistics hub in Russia, that fully support logistics chains from the moment raw materials are delivered to the manufacturing facility till the moment end-product arrives at the customer's door, is being actively developed in the north-east of the region. The property is characterized by a high concentration of independent distribution, transport, and warehousing centers, logistics service providers, as well as manufacturing and commercial representatives in a single industrial space. It is possible to transport freight over highways or railways.

Kaluga industrial parks will soon be supported by a reconstructed Kaluga international airport, which is soon to provide international cargo and passenger flights.

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