Sever (North) big logistics park project has started in Novosibirsk

01 апреля 2014
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There is a container terminal "Inya-Vostochnaya" (Eastern Inya) next to the property. Total land plot area of the property is 63 Hectares. Total space of the facilities is 200 thousand square meters.

The logistics park will have the following structure:
160 thousand square meters of class A facilities, 30 thousand square meters of low-temperature sections, 40 thousand square meters of container terminals, 10 thousand square meters of class B warehouses. There will also be a 70- thousand square meter-parking space next to the facilities.

The logistics park infrastructure can accommodate both employees and visitors. The park will have business centers, a hotel, restaurants and cafes, and car repairing services.

"PharmaStandard" is one of the logistics park residents. Currently, low-temperature warehouses, engineering infrastructure, and roads are under construction.

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