New player appears on warehousing real estate market in Ufa region

06 февраля 2014
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European banks are willing to invest in the project; estimated compensation period is 5 years. Currently, "Sygma-logopark" is the major competitor in this market segment. According to Ufa experts, warehousing demand significantly outruns the supply, just like in both capitals.

Special Auto Center owners are to build another class-A warehousing complex in Ufa. Group of companies has already rented a 23-Ha land plot area next to a railroad and a major federal highway for the implementation of their project. The project is going to be divided into several stages. Logistics park with a parking area and a site for handling of containers is the first stage of the project. Afterwards, public and social properties are to be developed.

The construction is to begin in the middle of next year, and it is to finish by 2016. Galey Khamidullin, Special Auto Center owner, notes that his company puts high hopes on Deutsche Bank credit line. Credit settlement will be much easier if a European manufacturer becomes one of the shareholders.  Russian position on the subject is yet to be determined.

Ildar Khasanov, deputy manager in Ufa Department of Investments, believes this project to be very promising. Regional authorities are ready to meet the entrepreneur halfway and believe that the potential of their region is yet to be achieved.

Modern warehousing properties are a stumbling block for many local entrepreneurs. There is also a chance that the new player on warehousing real estate market will contribute to a decrease in rent rates.

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