Retailer “Verniy” will have its own warehouse

06 февраля 2014
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According to this contact, logistics park will become the first project, tailored for the company's needs. Main building and additional infrastructure of the logistics park will occupy a space of 43 thousand square meters. According to plan, "Vernyi" is to launch this warehousing facility by the end of next summer.

Industrial park will be located in Glazovo, a settlement next to Moscow ring highway. According to plan, land plot area of the logistics park will be 400 000 square meters.

The contractor, PNK Group, that was founded over 10 years ago, has established experience on Russian warehousing real estate market. The company develops industrial real estate properties, warehouses, spacially equipped properties and wide temperature range complexes. This year, it established construction materials manufacture. In the last couple of years, the company built several big warehousing facilities. Currently, they are working on the construction of storage facilities with total space of 1.4 million square meters.

"Vernyi" is a food retailer with the first stores opened in the capital two years ago.

Currently, its stores are opened in both of the capitals, Yekaterinburg and adjacent territories. The company has over 60 economy stores in the country. The owners put high hopes on their new wide temperature range warehousing facility. This property will give room for expansion and logistics optimization.

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