“Sklad-Management” company gets down to dynamic real estate activity

04 февраля 2014
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Alexander Khomich, Sklad-Management CEO, says: "Our company is developing rapidly. During the last 7 months, we have made over 10 warehousing lease and sales transactions with a total land lot area of 60 000 square meters. We have attracted a lot of established international companies to Moscow warehousing real estate market".

Strategic partnership contract between Absolut Logistic and Pepsi Co is one of the most vivid examples of Sklad-Management's business activity. The company acted as a broker in this transaction. The terms of agreement are as follows: Pepsi Co products will be stored at Absolut Logistic warehousing facilities, storage volume – approximately 15 000 pallets.

Evgeniy Numerov, Sklad-Management associate, comments on the transaction: "Due to our participation, Pepsi Co became the second major client attracted to Absolut Logistic warehousing facilities. In 2010, an international holding CSI rented Absolut Logistic facilities for storing their products. We acted as brokers in this transaction".

The company specializes in rendering full range of warehousing and industrial real estate services. The company experts assist their clients in issues regarding warehousing and industrial real estate lease and sales transactions.

The company consultants address questions regarding warehousing lease and sales transactions, as well as industrial land plot areas. In addition, "Sklad-Management" offers professional trust management and acts as a warehousing broker.

The company managers and leading employees are always ready to share their professional experience and explain every detail of their recent transactions through a rapidly developing Internet channel with a considerable audience.

Pavel Pecheritsa, 3PL division manager, stated: "As of today, several leading companies, including MTD, Pepsi Co, Adidas, Sportmaster, Studio Moderna and some others, are already our clients and partners. We believe that soon other popular companies will top this list".

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