Warehousing equipment from “Safe-Salon” company

03 февраля 2014
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The company has offices in Vladivostok, Irkutsk and Khabarovsk; as of today, the staff consists of 35 employees.

The efforts of the company are aimed at ensuring that their warehouses meet customer requirements, that they are efficient and modern. "Safe-Salon" renders a variety of services, including sales, installation and maintenance of the equipment. Their equipment reduces goods handling expenses and optimizes warehousing efficiency.

Company employees offer qualified consultations on major functions of a warehouse and its inventory.

Their Internet page offers a wide range of products from small plastic boxes to elevation stack pilers, so clients can easily select any goods, ensuring warehouse efficiency.

"Safe-Salon" have been selling safes to entities and individuals for quite a long time. The company offers a wide selection of metal furniture, including furniture for commercial offices and garages, as well as durable high quality mezzanine racks. You can purchase any item immediately, as all goods are available in store.

The company sells and delivers equipment to Far East and Siberia. The prices are reasonable, and bulk customers can use a discount system.

"Safe-Salon" has been on the market for 10 years. By now, the company has a proven reputation and a number of positive customer reviews. The company offers high quality service, close attention to each customer and best cooperation conditions.

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