“Qinzhou” launches 5 new projects

19 октября 2012
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8449Over a billion and a half yuan are being invested in the launch of five new projects of the South China industrial park "Qinzhou". The projects deal with superhighway development and food manufacture constructions. The initialization of the new projects coincided with the launch of other 5 ones. 478 000 000 yuan have been invested in the latter.
As Ms. Siao Inqzi states, successful launch of a range of the industrial park projects and the initialization of new ones have great significance for the object's infrastructure and service improvement. She believes that this industrial park is about to enter new stage of development. This project is a joint venture of China and Malaysia – already the third one in the range of international projects with an active participation from China's part.
Suzhou and Tianjin already have two industrial parks mutually designed by China and Singapore. This active cooperation is an indication of China's modern approach towards industrialization, as well as of its entrance into the reform path leading to open and efficient international cooperation.