Italian greenhouse complex is about to appear in Stavropol

19 октября 2012
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ciccolella-melfiStavropol local administration welcomes a delegation from the Italian company Ciccolella. The subject of their meeting is the discussion of a flower-producing greenhouse complex construction. Vincenzo Ciccolella, Ciccolella's CEO, Italian consul Pier Paolo Lodigiani and Yuri Serbin, deputy minister of Stavropol region agriculture, took part in the discussion.This Italian company is the largest supplier of roses in Europe. In the nearest future it intends to enter our market and is ready to invest 250 000 000 Euro in Stavropol.
The Italians intend to build a greenhouse complex, occupying up to 140 hectares, on the territory of regional industrial park. They were asked to visit and examine this park. Two potential sites for the constriction are situated in the Trunov district. These are regional industrial agricultural park and a real estate property owned by Kirov state farm. The final decision has not been taken yet, and Ciccolella takes some to ponder. They will declare their choice during "Sochi 2012" investment forum. Stavropol is just the beginning of the Italian expansion, since Ciccolella intends to implement a similar project in the Tambov region.