The Japanese are about to begin drug manufacture in Yaroslavl

19 октября 2012
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novoselkiPharmaceutical plant Takeda has been launched in Yaroslavl industrial park "Novoselki". It is going to produce pharmaceutical goods according to the international standards. Sergei Yastrebov, the governor of the Yaroslavl region attended this ceremony. The plant staff consists of 50 employees. The majority of the staff are former students of Yaroslavl universities. By the moment the plant reaches its full productive potential, the staff will be expanded up to 200 employees.
This should be fulfilled by 2014. Tikahito Harada, the Japanese Ambassador in Russia, strongly believes the launch of this factory to be a vivid example of collaboration between Russia and Japan, which constitutes an important step for the potential joint ventures. The President of Takeda company emphasized that they feel confident in the economy of Russia and are willing to invest in it. The following enterprise has been invested with 75 000 000 Euro. Also, he expressed gratitude for Russian support during the construction process, which took about two years.