Sberbank continues to cooperate with the Voronezh region

19 октября 2012
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bobrovskiiOn the 6th of September, Andrei Donskich, vice chairman of Sberbank (Joint-stock commercial Savings Bank of the Russian Federation), visited Voronezh on a working trip. He came to sign two "Sberbank" LtD contracts between: Bobrov district administration and Voronezh regional government. One contract deals with funding and financial problem regulation in the Voronezh region, the improvement of its social and economical environment, and the creation of a congenial business environment in Voronezh. The second one deals with the investment sites development in the Bobrov district.
The governor of the Voronezh region states that these documents are highly significant for the regional investment environment. Sberbank credit portfolio in the region constitutes 110 000 000 000 rubles – almost half of the entire loan portfolio of the region in question. 4000 people work in the regional offices of Sberbank. Regional government carries into action a range of significant projects with Sberbank, which is a major taxpayer. The bank intends to inspire the development of industrial parks in the Bobrov district and plans to take part in a variety of economical infrastructural projects, including housing and public services.