Japan and Nizhegorsk region settle down to a course of co-operation

19 октября 2012
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images 463Logistics and agriculture will become the most beneficial means of collaboration between Japan and Nizhegorsk region. Evgeniy Lebedev, a representative of the Legislative Assembly, stated that during a meeting with Japanese Miagi prefecture representatives on the 3rd September. Perhaps, Japanese logistics center will appear in the region in the nearest future.
This will become possible due to the proper development of the Nizhegorsk region (as well as some other regions) transport infrastructure. Japanese agricultural equipment is worth some attention and can be efficiently implemented in the Nizhegorsk land. In its turn, Legislative Assembly is ready to do everything possible to ensure congenial investment environment in the region. This is the major reason the parties hold meeting in Nizhniy Novgorod for the third time already. E.Lebedev emphasized the importance of this meeting to expand the opportunities of cooperation between Miagi prefecture and Nizhegorsk region.