“Metallokomplekt-M” puts a new warehouse complex in the Moscow region into operation

18 октября 2012
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skladskoi kompleksToday, on the 29th of August, one of the largest warehouse complexes is being opened near Podolsk. D. Borshinsky, executive manager of "Metallokomplekt-M" states that the construction was initiated as an attempt to increase metal products supply efficiency.  The enterprise major sales regions are Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Moscow region is the biggest and the most metal-intensive one. Warehouse complex occupies 12 hectares. Covered accommodations occupy 44 000 square km of the following territory. 45 000 tons of rolled steel can be simultaneously stored at its warehouses. The creation of auto park, that would guarantee "Metallokomplekt-M" product supply to Russian regions, is the primary concern after warehouse complex opening. Today's grand opening will be included in the panel discussion "Logistics and marketing in metalwork business", organized by Russian Union of metal products suppliers.

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