Albes, a manufacturing group, is to invest 400 million rub ($13 million) in a new industrial complex in the Rostov region.

06 сентября 2012
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albesAlbes is preparing to invest 400 million rub ($13 million) in the construction of a building-materials manufacturing plant in the Rostov region, specifically in the Yuzhno-Bataisky industrial zone. Metal frames for gypsum board partitions, veneer for hung ceilings, and a wide assortment of stucco finishings will be manufactured here. Albes earlier had only one industrial complex in the Yuzhny industrial zone in the town of Vidny, which is situated in the Moscow region.

Albes' products are well known in Russia and can be purchased in Leroy Merlin stores as of last December. Its products were used in the finishing construction of significant properties in the country, such as international airports Sheremetevo and Vnukovo, Krokus Expo exhibition center, the Temple of Christ the Savior, as well as in the construction of the railroad station in Kazakhstan's capital and in the Belnephtekhim building in Minsk. An expansion of Albes' production capacity suggests a post-crises lift in the Russian building sector.


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