Russian businessmen are prepared to invest in the construction of a logistics park in Kyrgyzstan.

06 сентября 2012
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Flag KyrgyzstanSergei Ponomariev, head of the Association of Markets, Trade, and Services, met with the prime minister of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan in the Government Building. During the meeting he announced that Russian businessmen are prepared to invest $10 million in the construction of a logistics park in the republic.

However, he reckons that such an amount of financing is not sufficient for creating a logistics park and that it is necessary to attract more investors. For this it is necessary to involve the Chamber of Trade and Industry, as well as work out a program for developing trade, specifically for Dordoi and Kara-Suu, two markets. Dordoi is the largest wholesale market in the republic and Asia, which suffered significantly during the economic crisis.Dordoi stands in line with such brands as Bangkok's Chatuchak in Tailand and the Tehran bazar in Iran. Chinese goods destined for Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, initially spend time in warehouses in Dordoi. The resuscitation of this market can be considered one of the most strategic tasks regarding trade in the republic.