A new industrial park is to appear in Novouralsk.

06 сентября 2012
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822 1566TVEL, a fuel company, has asked the Northwest Center for Strategic Developments to create a conception for a new industrial park. In connection with this, a working visit of the Center's specialists took place on August 1-2 in Novouralsk, where all conditions for fulfilling a similar project have been created. Here is located a series of functioning manufacturing facilities with good potential and vacant space that can bee reorganized for a new undertaking.

Alexandr Simakov, leader of the working group, says if the infrastructure in the industrial park will develop steadily, then residents from several sectors connected with TVEL will gladly make a stretch. The main tasks of the working group is to create a plan for an industrial platform and develop recommendations for for management and infrastructure. The goal behind the creation of the industrial park is the simulation of business in Novouralsk. The investment committee of TVEL will consider the conception for the industrial park as soon as it is developed.


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