Investments totaling about 5 million euros expected in Lipetsk special economic zone.

06 сентября 2012
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HV 01Lanxess AG, a German company specializing in manufacturing high-tech polymers, is planning to invest 5 million euros in Lipetsk special economic zone. These financial inflows will be made by 2016. This company was confirmed as a resident of the special economic zone in January of this year and received 1.3 ha for constructing a new factory that will be finished next year. The technology of the new manufacturing facility does not anticipate chemical reactions and includes the mixture of ingredients and packaging operations.

Forty new jobs are expected to be created in the medium term as part of the new manufacturing facility. Top managers of the German company note the great location of the factory in direct proximity to their clients, as well as the fine infrastructure of the special economic zone in Lipetsk, which includes a rail road, approach lines, an electric power plant, waste treatment facilities, and gas lines. Moreover, Lipetsk International Airport is located only 25 km away from the industrial park.