Krasnodarsky Krai will demonstrate its investment potential.

05 сентября 2012
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98919Krasnodarsky Krai will make some large proposals regarding agriculture at the Sochi-2012 investment forum. Construction of a marketable poultry farm in the Novokubansky area will become on of these proposals. Large hope are also connected with the creation of a grain refinery in Starominsky area. A large factory for refining sugar beets is planned in the Kushevsky area. Large livestock projects, projects for manufacturing meat preserves, starch, and molasses, as well as child food goods, will also be presented. Krasnodarsky Krai's investment potential should become one of the largest announcements at the forum.

This will be the 11th annual investment forum in Sochi. It will take place from September 20-23. Participants of the forum have already prepared about 1800 investment proposals in practically all economic spheres of Russia's regions.