Construction of an automobile factory in the Stavropolsky region will attract 4.3 billion rub. ($143 million).

05 сентября 2012
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derveisDerVeis Industrial has announced its intention to invest 4.3 billion rub. ($143 million) in constructing an automobile factory in Stavropol. The factory will manufacture smaller automobiles at an annual capacity of 100,000 automobiles. The factory is to be constructed as part of the second phase of the Nevinnomyssk industrial park.

DerVeis Industrial will become the anchor resident of the industrial park. The automotive company DerVeis manufactures nine models of automobile -- including three models of Geely -- in Karachaevo-Cherkesy at a volume of 65,000 automobiles per year. The new factory is to be commissioned in 2014. This project will create 2,500 jobs for Nevinnomyssk.