Bayer's warehouse is managed by LEAD WMS.

05 сентября 2012
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dmitrovskoeBayer, a pharmaceutical company and Santes Service, a logistics company, have agreed to long-term cargo services. Santes Service is the leading operator on the pharmaceutical logistics market. The company will handle Bayer's customs processing, secure storage, and pre-wholesale preparations prior to distributing the products throughout the Russian Federation.

A new class-A pharmaceutical warehouse will be used in the Dmitrovsky warehouse complex, which is managed with LEAD WMS, developed by LogistiX. LEAD WMS manages reception, refilling, enlisting, inventory, placing goods in the warehouse, optimization, automatization of dispatcher tasks, etc., considering the specifics of working with pharmaceutical cargo. Dmitry Kirpatovsky, head of Bayer's logistics department, highly evaluates the perspectives of the new warehouse space for optimizing the incoming chain of logistics supply in Russia. He notes that the shortened times for issuing goods for sale will be a strong competitive advantage for the company.


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