New plans for the Crimean atomic power station.

30 августа 2012
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The Crimean government decided to forego the creation of an industrial park on the territory of the as yet unfinished Crimean atomic power station.  The Crimean power station was discard after the Chernobyl tragedy and the fate of its territory has yet to be determined to this day:  Night clubs were held in the station's turbine sector from 1995 to 1999.  Since 2006 the territory was considered as one option for locating an industrial park and in 1008 preparatory work was started for "Shelkinsky Industrial Park".

However, at the present, Crimean authorities have decided to free the Southern bank of the river from resorts and instead create rest areas as a result of the failure to realize previous projects, including an agreement with China to construct an electrostatic.  The fate of the power station's territory is now being considered as part of the general development strategy for the Eastern Crimea, which is being worked out by the Ukrainian State Agency for Investments and Managing National Projects.