The development of Kaluzhsky highway on Moscow's new territory will be determined by September.

30 августа 2012
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Alexey Chelyshev, the prefect of the Novomoskovky and Troitsky districts in Moscow, says that the development plans will be ready by September, after which public hearings will be held.  These hearings will help determine possible options for further developing Kaluzhsky highway.  It is already known that lanes will be set aside for public transport that will connect Moscow with populated areas in its new territory.

After the reconstruction, Kaluzhsky highway should become a 10-lane highway, whereas now it currently only has 4 lanes, and even as few as 2 in some areas.  A connection with Kievsky highway is being planned, as is a minimum of four new interchanges.  Construction is to begin next year.  According to the instructions of Dmitry Medvedev as of this April, the entire road up to the center of Moscow should be free of traffic lights.