PNK Group and the government of the Novosibirsk region clarify their relationship

23 августа 2012
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pnk-vnukovoThree complaints from PLP Managing Company against PNK Tolmachevo have been received by the arbitrage court of the Novosibirsk region.  The managing company is owned by the region's government.The essence of the complaint surrounds the developer's alleged failure to fulfill contractual commitments.  It was agreed that the construction of electric lines and gas pipes were to be transferred to the balance of the managing company, but this was not done. 

Aside from this, canalization was allegedly constructed arbitrarily.  The industrial and logistics park is located on 2 ha of land not far from Novosibirsk.  The largest resident of the factory is Liotech, worth more than 13 billion rubles ($430 million). Protivopozharny Service and several other organizations also have financial complaints against PNK Group.  Residents of the industrial and logistics park continually follow the results of the court cases in order to stay on top of even the smallest changes, but as of now are not changing their own long-term plans in the region.

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