Technology center of the Central Bank of Russia has transferred its warehouse to work with Expert Logistic

21 августа 2012
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Expert LogisticThe Bank of Russia has updated its programming platform in order to automate its warehouse processes and has introduced the more modern WMS Expert Logistic.  This system supports a wide spectrum of logistics processes and has a high level of information for interfaces.It uses the newest and strongest server for managing data gathering with Windows, which significantly expands the opportunity to use new equipment and technology for inventory keeping.

The transfer to the new platform took 10 working days, during which data was transferred from the old system to Expert Logistic, work places and equipment were set up and fine tuned, and training for users of the new system was conducted.  In automating the warehouse processes, radio terminal Cipher Lab 9371L was used.  Strip-codes are printed with the help of the highly recommended Godex Ez-2200+ printer.  The next warehouse planned for commissioning will also be managed with the help of Expert Logistic.