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“Sklad-Management” takes part in an international investment forum

30 декабря 2013
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indproektiThis July "Sklad-Management" experts took part in 4th international investment forum "Investment projects in Russia – 2013".

Forum participants discussed industrial park development in Russia. One of the most important moments of the event was a presentation of a new credit program from Sberbank. The credit is designed to finance agricultural industrial parks, techno polices and other special economic zones.

Due to the specifics of the segment, Sberbank offers this credit for a variety of tasks and purposes. Park or company owners, as well as developers, can become loaners.

Interest rate is not fixed and mostly depends on project monetization. However, Sberbank specialists stated that the rate would be approximately 11%, which low in comparison with their competitors' offers.

Attracting residents is another important issue discussed on the forum. Communication system and infrastructure are the key factors determining successful development of an industrial park; however, those aren't the only conditions that can give a competitive advantage. Development of a park mostly depends on a particular company, as it has to be flexible, have an active approach to clients and, what is even more important, an ability to quickly solve all of the assigned tasks.

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