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“Sklad-Management” on a logistics conference

30 декабря 2013
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"Sklad-Management" did not leave behind "Logistics innovations" conference, which addressed some of the most acute issues, such as reducing goods ultimate price by optimizing transportation means and reducing delivery costs. The conference was organized by such companies as IT-Box, Qlik Tech and Microsoft Corporation.

Managers from transport, commercial and logistics companies, as well as distributors and system developers attended the conference. This year, there were twice as many people.

Conference keynote speakers described automated systems, fully eliminating human factor from working on a transportation route. It is not a secret that a lot of companies sustain losses because of inaccurate calculations in the transportation scheme. While calculating the optimal route, one has to take into attention the amount of cars, staff members, traffic jams, as well as other transportation terms.

The conference once again proved that logistics companies have plenty of innovative solutions, meeting any customer's requirement. So, both startup companies, making their first business steps, and huge corporations can find a perfectly suited solution.

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