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New systems Solvo WMS

30 декабря 2013
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solvo"Sklad-Management" executive officers visited a presentation of a new artificially intelligent system Solvo WMS. The system optimizes practically all warehousing processes, controls transportation and automatically assigns new tasks to people.

The system has a number of advantages; in particular, it can automatically receive manufactured goods. In other words, when an item leaves its container, the system knows what kind of item it is. It also knows that it had left its container, so by the moment the driver comes to pick it up, the system already works on locating the item. The most important thing is that the system can scan pallets online and process cargo shipment and transportation data.

In addition, the system can work with over 200 different users simultaneously, and manage several warehouses from afar, which is, of course, a great way to save money.

Currently, Solvo is one of the leading integrators on the Russian market. Solvo clients include big branded stores and enterprises in docks and container terminals.

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