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“Green construction” in Russia

30 декабря 2013
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zelstrIn October "Sklad-Management" experts took part in "Green zoom" conference.

It addressed the problem of "green construction" on the Russian market, discussed the ways to implement "green technologies" in Russian development and engineering conditions.

Currently, English standard BREEM and American standard LEED are the leading world's environmental safety standards.

BREEM is a highly flexible standard, adaptable to the local construction practices, which means that two buildings approved by BREEM can be very different from the environmental standpoint. LEED, on the contrary, is a strictly regulated standard with high requirements. Buildings with a LEED-certificate can be easily compared, even on the basic level.

To ensure successful certification, experts recommend inviting an experienced consultant on the very first stage of development – Front End Engineering Design. Certification, or rather its result, is the direct consequence of all construction members', from broker to future leaseholder, work.

►More information about the conference, see the video: