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Warehouse model – what is it and why do you need one?

30 декабря 2013
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anylogic"Sklad-Management" experts visited a presentation, organized by "AnyLogic" company. The presentation displayed the latest technological advances in freight simulation studies, warehousing operation, supply chains and logistics.

The latest invention is application describing structure and simulating system behavior in real-time.

This technology creates a 3-D model of a warehouse, solving many potential problems with projecting and reorganization, and calculates its efficiency. In addition, the application can create a supply chain model, locating distribution centers and suggesting the most optimal locations. Even more, you can independently estimate your project expenses.

The capabilities of the application are highly impressive, as it allows one to imitate any system. In addition, company experts offer custom modeling services, give training seminars and courses on using the application independently.

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