Warehouse Storage: How Secure Is It?

25 сентября 2012
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Security cameras

Warehouses have extremely large storage capabilities but security cameras are keeping the entire territory under surveillance.

Since a lot of warehouses are located in isolated areas, the nights are consequently very quiet. In other words, video surveillance provides enough cameras to secure both inside and outside of the warehouse.

Computerised gates

The majority of warehouses use computerized gates, enhancing the security of the territory. In addition, security is further on increased by security personnel standing by the gates. Such gates allow in only selected personnel. In addition, each entrance is recorded by the surveillance cameras. This system prevents internal theft and allows 24/7 movement tracking.

Burglar alarms

A lot of warehouses install burglar alarms. To open the warehouse door without enabling the alarm you will first have to disable the security. Certain warehouses that have more elaborate equipment, even have infrared sensors, making a sound any time they spot movements in the area.

Security guards

Typically, security guards are employed at the warehouse entrance. They also conduct patrols around the territory. One can argue that in spite of all security equipment, security still can be disabled by dishonest guards. That is why most reliable warehouses have reliable guards, screening all personnel before allowing them to enter.

Intrusion detection fences

Modern warehouses are equipped with intrusion detection fences, informing the security of all movements around facility fences. Afterwards, surveillance cameras zoom the territory of concern, allowing guards to monitor and be aware of the situation.

X-ray scanners

A warehouse is a storage facility. However, there is a chance that it can be used for illegal purposes (terrorism, smuggling, etc). Therefore, a lot of warehouses have x-ray scanners, allowing them to make sure that all goods are safe and have appropriate licenses, eliminating a possibility of radioactive storage.
Lots of warehouses have more than enough to secure your goods. However, for 100% safety, cooperation of a client and a warehouse is required.

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