How Can Contract Warehouses Help in the Shipment of Your Goods?

25 сентября 2012
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sklad logistHowever, distribution services are just ones of dozens of services offered by a contract warehouse. Since it is a large and important industry, a lot of contract warehouses offer clients equipped facilities, suitable for goods storage and supply chain services. Such facilities exist in both small towns and big cities, allowing you successful management of your goods.

If you are concerned about the condition of the goods you store, pay attention to the height of the ceilings, quality of insulation, air conditioning (if one is needed for your goods) and, of course, security surveillance. Terms of your contract can be negotiated, depending on how long you need warehouse space. You can either choose fixed based fee, cost-plus based fee, transaction or storage based fee.

Surely, the shipment of your goods is of prior importance, regardless of their particular type. It is essential for your goods to arrive on time, in excellent condition, and without any damages. If your goods are delivered late, you can lose clients and money. That is why, while selecting a warehouse, it is crucial to choose one with shipment tracking, document requests, transit time documentation, proper management, custom reporting - that is, with a full range of relevant services.

A contact warehouse with a good reliable reputation should be proficient in transportation management. When you assign storing and shipping to a third party, you can optimize your supply chain and get more time to focus on your business. When you know your goods are in the safe hands, you will also feel confident about carrier negotiation, your route, audit and goods tracking.

Even though you can contact an off-site contract warehouse for a free quote, you should as well try to visit a company website. Be prepared to ask questions, if you want to find out the legitimacy of the company. Ask about their storage, packing and logistic services, define their delivery policy, try to find out whether the company has any references. Also, read online reviews, if there are any. Finally, do not forget that for a long and secure partnership, you should better request financial and transportation reporting. This will ensure excellent quality of performance.

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