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7 октября 2014

New Oriflame logistic center in Moscow Oblast

New Oriflame logistic center in Moscow Oblast  Oriflame

The possibility to transfer all the capacities of LLC Oriflame Products to the Noginsky District from Krasnogorsky District is discussed in the Government of the Moscow Oblast. Also members of Government considerate the possibility of signing favorable to both sides agreement with the Oriflame Company. This contract will include all details about realization of the investment strategic project, which provide a number of preferences for this enterprise.

Construction of this industrial and logistic center was begun in 2010 in Moscow Oblast. Input in active operation was appointed on the end of this year. As result – thanks to the project six hundred additional workplaces were created. For the last eight years about two billion rubles of taxes came to the budget of the Podmoskovye thanks to the company.

In 2014 the management of the company made the decision on optimization the production in general ant the capacities which will transfer. The enterprise will produce means on hair and a body care and according to assumptions of experts, the total amount of investments has to be about 125-175 million euros.

Warehouse complex of the company, which was situated in the Krasnogorsky District, was offered for sale at the end of July. The full transfer of capacities on the platform of Noginsky District is scheduled for 2015. For a year of active operation it is planned to receive nearly 65 million units of production.

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