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12 сентября 2014

Introduction of an artificial intelligence in warehouse equipment

Introduction of an artificial intelligence in warehouse equipment RoboCV

The RoboCV team created the system of autopiloting which can be built in any technical device. Previously engineers showed their innovation in the form of the small all-terrain vehicle. Now there are big all-terrain vehicles which dissect Samsung warehouses open space in the Kaluga Oblast.

Everything began with the development of automated moon rover for the Google, but it wasn't finished because of a lack of investments. So it was decided to commercialize the project and to use it in an industry. There were reconsidered options on robotization of trucks in pits, cars and warehouse equipment.

The last option became the most optimal for experiments. The idea was approved by all potential clients because such equipment will cut down expenses on the personnel and will accelerate assembly of the order. The warehouse equipment moves quite slowly, but thanks to electric drives the testing is held quiet well.

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