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1 сентября 2014

The first warehouses of technology park Synkovo are put into operation

The first warehouses of technology park Synkovo are put into operation Logopark Synkovo

First 2 warehouses started to execute their functions in logistic park. The total area of premise is more than 53, 53 000 sq. m.

2 warehouses in technology park Synkovo (30, 03 thousand sq. m. and 23, 5 thousand sq. m.) are put into operation in Podmoskovye, namely in Podolsk Oblast. The city authorities gave out necessary permission to input warehouses created after the scheme build-to-suit. The trade and production Concern ДЭФО became the first representative of logistic park. Its main direction is manufacturing of comfortable and cabinet furniture.

The builder of technology park Synkovo is a Construction Alliance Concern. It put the project into operation before the appointed term. It should be noted, that the deadline for implementation of the project was the third quarter of this year. But today all works on construction of bulks are completely performed. Representatives are going to visit the construction site.

Logopark Synkovo is situated on 39 hectares, on MMK in 26 km. from МКАД. It is rather close to Simferopol Highway. According to preliminary data, 5, 4 billion rubles were invested in this project.

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