The amount of new warehouse objects increased on the territory of St. Petersburg

27 августа 2014
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As a result, during the first half of the year there were 2 million vacant sq. m. in commercial warehouses. According to analysts, there will be 350 000 more sq. m of new warehouses on the territory of the region until the end of the year.

Most objects are the next phases of already functioning buildings or the new logistic complexes created in the built-to-suit format (according to individual inquiries of customers). Taking into account all the objects declared to realization, the general figure of the new warehouse areas will be about 377 000 sq. m.

Comparing market indicators with 2013, experts say about similar tendencies in rent of rooms under warehouses: activity of customers remains on the same level. About 61% is a share of consumption of logistic real estate and in total number of commercial real estate for each current quarter.

The number of production leasing companies is 30% (for the first half of the current year).
Logistic operators reduced their activity and increased indicators in the second quarter 2014.

Level of the vacant areas in St. Petersburg remained approximately at the same level, as in 2013. It is 31 500 sq. m. of the warehouse areas.

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