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25 июля 2014

Industrial parks promote the start-up of business manufactures

Industrial parks promote the start-up of business manufactures Industrial parks

The mayor of the Ukrainian city Zhitomir Sergey Sukhomlin together with the president of YANAIR airline company Alexey Yanchuk had an excursion at the middle of July. The head of Zhitomir noted that on condition of airport building restoration it is possible to start construction of industrial park nearby.

According to Sergey Sukhomlin, plots of land that are located round the airport have to become a municipal property. One of them – area in 25ga – already belongs to city assets, another part about 100 hectares – is a property of the Ministry of Defence.

The city authorities began negotiations with department on desirable land territory. Formation of structure of connection hub (an airport) on this territory and the city hall has a chance to construct the industrial park on these lands.

The structure of tech parks is a new way to involve the investment companies on the region territory. It is a certain economic concept with development of some preferences and privileges for participants. Under it, the registration and coordination of technical documentation will become simpler.

Now the authorities of Zhitomir are engaged in development of the industrial park concept which will be located on 100 hectares of the land. The next step is a project registration in the Ministry of Economics. According to Sergey Sukhomlin, the structure of the airport is a basis for improvement of investment climate in the Zhitomir region.

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