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7 июля 2014

The Kropotkinsky warehouse complex will be constructed in 2017

The Kropotkinsky warehouse complex will be constructed in 2017 warehouse complex

The high-quality warehouse object will be constructed till 2017 in town Kropotkin of Krasnodar Krai. The main idea of construction a logistic complex – is storage and processing products of agricultural purpose.

According to the ministry of strategic development of Krai, 105, 3 million Russian rubles are allocated for construction of the center. The process of building is carried out on the territory of an industrial zone.

The implementation happens in some stages. Administrative and amenity building, diesel power plant and indoor parking spaces have been created and put into operation. Thus areas are supplied with fire post and the built-in boiler room.

The complex of warehouse objects for storage of grain crops will become the next stage of construction. The space can contain 9 000 tons of storage. Rooms will be supplied with gas pipeline of a high pressure and gas-distributing point.

The next one, according to plans of the management, will be construction of the dryer for grain and mill. Technical works will be carried out at the final stage. Completely warehouse complex has to be ready till December, 2016.

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