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3 июля 2014

Active construction of warehouse real estate in Germany

Active construction of warehouse real estate in Germany warehouse real estate

Provincial German lands are absorbed with active building of new warehouses. German investors recently pay great attention to logistic center construction in their country. Real estate market constantly replenish with warehouses in Berlin, Cologne, Stuttgart, Leipzig and Hamburg.

But despite increasing interest in big cities, the most interesting thing in sphere of warehouse real estate is building of logistic centers in suburbs and on provincial lands. Regional territories of Hannover and The Free State of Bavaria together with lands around Dresden, Chemnitz and Leipzig are today the main building objects.

Profitability of commercial objects on remote lands has a smaller indicator. Nevertheless, the prices of warehouse real estate on these territories grow stably.

As a result, builders are focused on an active financial investment in a segment of warehouse real estate on these lands. Businessmen are interested in a long-term outlook of created objects.

Experts watch closely a rise of price on logistic centers. Initially regional "warehouse" rates were different from the capital. But even so, territories of Bavaria and Hanover have a high potential for development this branch.

According to this, there are active investments from commercial representatives in German infrastructure during 2014. So, in the first quarter of the current year investments into building of logistic objects on German lands were more than 900 million euros.

In general, for last period from the beginning of new year, more than one billion euros was invested in the segment. As a result, indicators of 2014 exceeded figures for 2013 twofold.

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