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27 июня 2014

Moscow supplier “Fruit Post” opens a new warehouse

Moscow supplier “Fruit Post” opens a new warehouse warehouse

Warehousing complex "PNK-Vnukovo" completed a lease transaction with trade company "Fruit Post".

Moscow trade company "Fruit Post" becomes an active market participant. In 2014, imported fruit and vegetable supplier rented a new warehouse in a class A business center "PNK-Vnukovo".

Modern logistics complex "PNK-Vnukovo" was built and launched into operation in February 2013. It is situated in 19 km from Moscow ring highway.

"PNK Group" was responsible for the development of the property. "PNK Group", an actively developing holding concern invests in its own construction (industrial parks, logistics complexes). The developer offers class A+ warehousing facilities for lease and for sale.
Total space of the warehousing facility occupied by fruit and vegetable supplier is approximately 12.7 thousand square meters. The agreement is long-term.

"Fruit Post" company subdivided the total territory into several zones. Over 10 thousand square meters is dedicated to storage facilities, 1375 square meters to a penthouse apartment, and 1229 square meters – to office facilities.

The site belongs to "Snegiryco Investments Limited" organization. The transaction has been supported by such consulting companies as Cushman & Wakefield (from the part of the lease provider) and Realjet (from the part of the tenant).

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