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14 мая 2014

Renting warehousing facilities in Russian Federation

Renting warehousing facilities in Russian Federation warehousing facilities

Among the latest real estate trends, experts predict the increase in the lease rates for industrial and commercial property.

The lease rates are expected to go 10-17% higher. A 5-7% increase is a typical annual growth rate, whereas the other 10% are related to the downfall of ruble exchange rate.

EmizarGimaev, CEO in "LogInUral" notes that half of the contracts are paid in rubles, whereas the other half – in USD. Plus, leaseholders are not ready to renegotiate the conditions. Therefore, some companies will continue to pay the rent based on the contract terms, whereas the other part will have to find low-class facilities.

Moscow occupies the third spot in the top list of office facilities in demand. Experts believe that this year, lease rates for class-A facilities in Ural will be 450-470 rubles per square meter higher than previously. This index is only 5% lower than in the capital, whereas a year ago the difference was 15%.

This situation can be explained by a lack of class-A warehousing facilities. About 600 thousand square meters of facilities are still in demand.

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