Warehousing complexes are purchased before the construction begins

24 апреля 2014
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The new tendency presupposes closing a purchase transaction while the property is still under development, or even before the development starts.

Since no new facilities were placed into operation in the first quarter of 2014, lease rates on already operating properties increased by 8% (for class A properties) and by 2% (for class B properties). The data is being compared with the results of 2013.

Olga Sharygina, chief executive in "NAI Becar" Asset Management department believes that lease rates will continue to increase unless new multifunctional complexes, solving modern logistics problems, are placed into operation. According to Sharygina, total space of new warehousing facilities will constitute 200 thousand square meters. However, this space cannot satisfy tenants' demand on warehousing facilities, which is still acute.

According to expert data, current warehousing facilities supply in St. Petersburg is 1600 square meters. Most of these properties are class A facilities.

Among the biggest properties placed into operation in St. Petersburg during the last three months of 2014, one should mention first two stages of MLP Utkina Zavod [Duck backwater] (188 thousand square meters) and three stages of a logistics park Neva in Shushary (over 138 thousand square meters).

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