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23 апреля 2014

LLC “SAREX” spins up forklift production in Russian Federation

LLC “SAREX” spins up forklift production in Russian Federation forklift

LLC "Saransk Excavator Plant" is getting ready to launch new forklift product line. "Saransk Excavator Plant" (SAREX) was founded in 1943. Originally, the manufacture specialized in the repair of freight truck engines that had been damaged during the war. Afterwards, it started producing agricultural equipment. In 1959 "SAREX" became an excavator plant.

Currently, the manufacture continues producing excavators. Its developments include product models based on such tractors as "MTZ-80/82", "UMZ-6AK", that are being actively used throughout the entire Russia.

Over a thousand employees work on the plant. Its product line includes a wide range of technical items.

In the last 15 years, the plant developed new excavator models. New engineering models are also being developed. The manufacture continues producing ploughs, cultivators, and disk tillers for agricultural industry.

Due to modern technologies and a timely modernization of its equipment the manufacture supplies its goods not only throughout Russian Federation, but also to CIS and other foreign countries (Argentina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey, Czech Republic, Finland, etc).

During this year "SAREX" developed a new engineering model of a forklift. In the nearest future the plant is planning to start the production. Loading capacity of the model is 1.5-5 ton.

Experts believe that the demand on such equipment is increasing. For example, 20 000 similar vehicles have been sold in May 2013.

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