New class A logistics complex appears in Chelyabinsk region

17 апреля 2014
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The property was funded by an investment company LtD "Logocenter". Total investment into the project is estimated at approximately 1.7 billion rubles.

The first stage of the property is already placed into operation. Warehousing facilities of the first stage occupy 30 000 square meters. This complex is capable of loading/unloading approximately 60 big freight vehicles a year.

The second stage of the logistics center is yet to be completed. It will occupy the same territory. The opening will create 700 job opportunities for locals.

This logistics complex is aimed at unloading and distributing cargo flows from suppliers and manufacturers in Chelyabinsk region, Moscow, and the Republic of Kazakhstan. Further on, the items will be distributed to regional retail stores. Freight trucks are to be used for goods transportation.

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