Finance Group “GHP Group” built a warehouse in “Tomilino” multi-functional complex

17 апреля 2014
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The developer finished warehousing facility "Tomilino T-43" construction in Lyubertsk district, Moscow region. A 50 thousand square meter 'green' property is situated on the territory of the logistics park, which is the first Russian large-scale multifunctional project of the kind.

TLK Tomilino warehousing complex includes a warehousing terminal, a logistics center, and an industrial complex with a high level infrastructure. Warehousing complex "Tomilino K-43" occupies land plot area of 140 Hectares.

The logistics complex is situated in 6 km from Moscow ring highway in Ryazan direction. Total investment into the property is estimated at 40 million dollars. CJSC "Raiffeisenbank" was responsible for the project funding.

This new warehousing facility is capable of arranging and storing items on 57 pallet racks. It meets high standards of an A class facility construction. It allows quick, flexible and efficient management of warehousing operations.

"Tomilino K-43" construction is the first green construction is Russia, which means that it has been built in correspondence with BREEAM International New Construction environmental standard.

According to the expert data, this is the third property completed by "GHP Group" in 2014. Currently, the worth of company real estate assets is estimated at over 500 million dollars.

"TLK Tomilino" includes over 250 000 square meters of rented class A warehousing facilities. Additional 79000 square meters of the same class are yet to be constructed. 60 000 square meters of C-class warehouses are already on lease. There are six checkpoints on the territory of the park.

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