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4 апреля 2014

“PNK Group” developer is building a multifunctional warehousing complex in Russian Federation

“PNK Group” developer is building a multifunctional warehousing complex in Russian Federation  PNK Group

"PNK Group" will build a multifunctional warehousing complex for "Hilti", a supplier of mounting equipment.

"Hilti" company, the supplier of mounting equipment for industrial organizations and experts placed an order for the construction of the first multifunctional warehousing complex in Russian Federation. "PNK Group", an expert in the construction of class A warehouses, has been chosen as contractor.

The warehousing center will be constructed in the build-to-suit format. In Russian Federation this is going to be the first project of the kind that is to combine multi-functionality, high quality, and construction complexity. For "Hilti", supplying innovative construction solutions across the world, the creation of a similar warehouse is an essential step towards further growth.

"Hilti" warehousing complex will occupy 13.2 thousand square meters. Construction site will be located on the territory of A+ class industrial park "PNK Northern Sheremetievo".

The unique features of the facility include technical complexity and high-profile infrastructure due to a variety of processes that are to take place in a warehouse. So, apart from the storage facilities, this complex will include a service center, a show-room, a training center, and a conference hall.

"Cushman & Wakefield" is the company that helped to close the transaction. Currently, the construction of the center is in its final stage, and soon the client will be able to occupy the facilities.

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