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3 марта 2014

Infrastructural development of Kaluga region industrial parks will be funded

Infrastructural development of Kaluga region industrial parks will be funded  industrial parks

The state has guaranteed 470 000 000 rubles to an infrastructural development of Kaluga region industrial parks.  Vnesheconom Bank will give Kaluga region a 470 000 000 ruble credit for the infrastructural development of its industrial parks. Regional Cabinet Council approved the state guarantee project.

Four industrial parks (Vorsino, Kaluga-Yug, Rosva, Grabcevo) successfully operate in the region. Also, it has a private Finnish industrial park "Lemminkyayen" that produces construction materials. Last year, a project of a manufacturing special economic zone "Ludinovo" has started. In addition, there are about 10 lower-scale projects for industrial park construction.

FreightVillageKaluga, a totally unique logistics hub in Russia, that fully support logistics chains from the moment raw materials are delivered to the manufacturing facility till the moment end-product arrives at the customer's door, is being actively developed in the north-east of the region. The property is characterized by a high concentration of independent distribution, transport, and warehousing centers, logistics service providers, as well as manufacturing and commercial representatives in a single industrial space. It is possible to transport freight over highways or railways.

Kaluga industrial parks will soon be supported by a reconstructed Kaluga international airport, which is soon to provide international cargo and passenger flights.

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