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6 марта 2014

Relevant warehousing value

Relevant warehousing value warehouses

According to the latest research, manufacturing and warehousing real estate market in Moscow vicinity is characterized by highly diverse rates per square meter; these rates can differ 20+ times from one another.

Currently, the most expensive warehousing facility in Moscow is 825 times costlier than the cheapest one. This difference has a number of reasons: distance from Moscow ring highway, ease of access for freight trucks; technical specifications of the property; construction material quality; space planning and engineering infrastructure. Leningrad, Mozhaysk, Minsk, Kiev, Simferopol, and Kashir highways have traditionally remained in the greatest demand. More affordable options can be found in the east and south-east of the region.

According to "MIEL-estate" research, the cheapest manufacturing warehousing facility is a 212 square meter refrigerating box in Schelkovo. It has 4-meter high ceilings and a strip reinforced concrete foundation. The cost is 3 800 00 rubles per square meter.

It is also possible to purchase operating manufacturing facilities in Moscow vicinity. The most affordable ones are located in 100 km from Moscow. As the commercial property gets closer to Moscow downtown, its value is increasing significantly. Manufacturing warehousing and office facility in Podolsk has the highest rate per square meter. Total space of the facility is 8300 square meters. One square meter in the facility costs 79 500 rubles. The complex is fully equipped, has solid infrastructure and offers its facilities to IT-enterprises. Its total value is 660 000 000 rubles, which is why this property is justly considered one of the most expensive ones in the market.

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