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17 марта 2014

Federal Congress “TransCargo-2014” is to take place in Kaluga

Federal Congress “TransCargo-2014” is to take place in Kaluga TransCargo - 2014

Federal Congress "TransCargo-2014", dealing with transport and logistics, is to take place at the end of March 2014. The event will be held in Kaluga. The authorities are to attend the meeting. "Redenex" company, specializing in international meetings and events will organize this congress.

The main purpose of the congress is to reach understanding between the authorities and industry experts, establish communication ties, develop logistics strategies and solutions, share experience about successful integrations and strategies, and attract foreign investors to Russian developing logistics projects.

Central Federal district has huge potential for forming international transit traffic chains. It can be beneficial both for the state, and private businesses.

Evgeniy Moskvichev, Transport Committee Chairman in the State Duma, believes that this congress will help to get new ideas for the logistics development. The congress is to discuss state policies in the logistics and transport industry, regional opportunities to take part in the industry, investment attraction strategies, overall level of the modal logistics, and road infrastructure development.

The event will present a set of exhibition materials, dealing with regional developments and projects. The participants will display latest transport, equipment and freight transportation models. It will also host tax and insurance legal advice board.

"Business Connect", a special multi-purpose voice system, will be used during the event. It will keep the participants up-to-date on the current events and activities, while allowing the hosts to arrange and rearrange the activities. The negotiations will be conducted in B2B and G4B formats.

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